Musto Product Care - Clothing

Musto Product Care - Clothing

Musto Product Care

There's no such thing as bad weather if you're wearing the right clothes. Ensure your Musto garment stays in top condition by taking proper care of it. At Musto, we aim to provide the best garments and accessories to help you perform at your best and enjoy your adventures, no matter the weather. Proper care is essential to prolonging the life of your garment.

How to Care for Your Musto Clothing

General Care Information: Waterproof and GORE-TEX® trousers, jackets, insulators, and Polartec® fleece

Musto garments are crafted from a variety of materials to offer freedom of movement, breathability, windproofing, waterproofing, and warmth. Each garment type has specific care requirements. Always read the care labels inside your garments for detailed instructions. Here is some general guidance on caring for your Musto products:


  • Only wash your garments when necessary to ensure longevity and top performance.
  • Before cleaning, remove any detachable accessories, close all fasteners, and wash with similar colors.
  • Use a non-biological detergent like Granger’s Performance Wash. Biological detergents contain enzymes that can damage your garment's performance and effectiveness.
  • Avoid using fabric softeners, as they can affect breathability, moisture management, and damage fibers and colors.
  • Do not use bleaching agents. Check your detergent's ingredients as many contain bleach.


  • Refer to the care label inside your garments for specific drying instructions.


  • Do not iron directly on prints, embroidery, badges, or reflectors.


  • Musto waterproof garments, such as BR1, BR2, HPX, MPX, and GORE-TEX® products, come with a durable water repellent (DWR) treatment. This treatment prevents the outer fabric from becoming saturated with water.
  • Wear and tear, salt, dirt, or repeated washing can degrade the DWR treatment, reducing breathability and causing condensation inside the garment. Re-treat your product when the DWR performance decreases.
  • Test DWR performance by sprinkling water on the fabric. If the water beads up and rolls off, the DWR does not need renewing.
  • Musto recommends using Granger’s Performance Repel or Clothing Wash and Repel to renew the DWR.
  • Follow the instructions on the re-proofing product.
  • If the care label allows, you can reactivate the DWR treatment by tumble drying your clean garment for 20 minutes on low heat. Alternatively, place a towel over your garment and iron it without steam on low heat, but always check the care label first.


  • Store your garment only when it is completely dry. Let it dry naturally for an extra day to ensure all moisture has evaporated, especially when storing your product at the end of the sailing season.