Mares BCD Technologies

Mares BCD Technologies

Mares BCDs are some of the most comfortable available and with good reason. Mares put a lot of effort into their design and come up with some pretty innovative and quite often unique ways to make their BCDs better than the competition. Here are some of the technologies and features that they incorporate into their range.

Mares Fusion Bladder

Fusion Bladder
Combines features of the backmounted and classic bladder. High lift capacity, unrestricted movement and a comfortable position on the surface characterise this type of bladder.

Mares Ergo Inflator

Ergo Inflator
The standard inflation and deflation control device used in sanctioned training programs. Intuitive use and secure grip.

Mares Backmounted BCD

Air-cell separated from the harness, resulting in unrestricted freedom of movement.

Mares Classic Bladder

Classic Bladder
Air-cell enveloping diver on the sides and back. High lift capacity and very comfortable position on the surface characterize this bladder design.

Mares Airtrim

Patented technology for easiest and precise buoyancy control in all positions and conditions. The control device is always at hand and placed in the most ergonomic position.

Mares Suspension System

Suspension System
Inspired by the design of modern hiking backpacks, the system avoids direct contact between body and tank support.

Mares Foldable Backpack

Foldable Backpack
Ideal for travelling thanks to its reduced dimensions when packed and its marked weight reduction compared to a traditional backpack. Integrated rubber pads provide secure grip of the tank and carrying comfort.