Fourth Element J2 Baselayer -Features

Fourth Element J2 Baselayer -Features

The Fourth Element J2 is the perfect baselayer protection for extended range diving. Developed using antimicrobial silver ion treatments, this fabric was tested in the extreme environments of the J2 cave system, one of the deepest in the world. It is stretchy, warm, and won’t let you down.

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Anti-Microbial Material

The fibers are manufactured blending silver ions into the fabric, making sure that the anti-fungal and bacteriostatic features of the fabric will not fade after time. These ions cannot be washed off. They keep the formation of bacterial membranes from forming, preventing most type of bacteria from growing in the fibres. This does not mean that the naturally occurring bacteria on the skin will be affected as this would have an adverse effect on the wearers dermatological well-being.

Performance When Wet

When the J2 –fabric becomes wet, the wicking performance makes sure water is lead away from the skin, and with a right choice of other undergarments, further away through the fibres of the undersuit. The J2 is able to retain some of its performance even in the event of a suit flood.

J2 –Fast Wicking Baselayer

The fundamental idea of the J2 Baselayer is to maximise the air next to the skin, which is made possible by the unique knit of the fabric. While using air as an insulator the garments provide good contact points for moisture from perspiration to be wicked away. This action is mechanical process and will last for the whole lifetime of the products.