Dive Rite Transpac XT Harness Sizing

The Dive Rite TransPac XT harness is available in a wide range of sizes. While weight and height are a good starting point for determining your size, a perfect fit requires additional information. Please carefully take the actual measurements explained below to make sure you select exactly the right size.

  • Shoulder to Waist Length -- To ensure proper shoulder strap length, measure from a point at the top of the shoulder to a point immediately below the waist, as shown in the accompanying diagram. Be sure to allow for exposure suit thickness.
  • Torso Length -- The Standard lumbar backpad and soft backplate is the size that most often fits average build men with back-of-neck measurements greater than 17 inches. XS/Small size TransPac XT harnesses come with Short lumbar backpads and soft backplates that are 2-inches shorter than those of larger TransPac harnesses. This is the preferred size for any diver whose back-of-neck to waist measurement is less than 17 inches (a range that includes most women). Dive Rite also offers Tall versions of the XL and XXL TransPac harnesses with Long lumber backpads and soft backplates that are 2-inches longer than the standard size. The Tall versions are for divers who are over 6 feet in height.
  • Waist -- TransPac XT harnesses come with a padded cummerbund whose length is adjustable across size range that is in proportion to the length of the shoulder strap. The top edge of correctly positioned cummerbund will just cover the navel, not rest on the hips.
Size Shoulder to Waist Torso Waist Weight Height
X Small 13 - 16 inches Short 24 - 34 inches <90 lbs <5 feet
Small 14 - 17.5 inches Short 24 - 34 inches 90 to 110 lbs <5 feet
Medium 15 - 18 inches Standard 24 - 34 inches 110 to 150 lbs 5 to 6 feet
Large 17 - 22 inches Standard 32 - 42 inches 150 to 200 lbs 5 to 6 feet
X Large 18.5 - 23.5 inches Standard 32 - 42 inches 180 to 220 lbs 5 to 6 feet
XX Large 22.5+ inches Standard 42+ inches 220+ lbs 5 to 6 feet
XL/Tall 24+ inches Long 42+ inches >250 lbs > 6 feet
XXL/Tall 24+ inches Long 42+ inches >250 lbs > 6 feet

Dive Rite has updated their TransPac XT to offer improved sizing and adjustability. The new version TransPac XT has a new part number (T3000 series) and a new sizing chart. Each size has an adjustment range so you may tighten or loosen the shoulder straps and cummerbund as needed to provide a perfect fit. Dive Rite has also introduced Tall versions.

  • XS is suitable for very small women and most children. (<90 lbs, <5 ft)
  • Small is suitable for small women and larger children.
  • Medium is suitable for average sized women, or shorter men.
  • Large is suitable for average sized men.
  • XL is suitable for larger divers or those with a muscular build.
  • XXL is suitable for divers over 220 lbs.
  • Tall versions are suitable for divers over 6 feet in height.

As a starting point for most people, consider what size t-shirt you normally wear. If you wear a mens Large T-shirt, then a Large TransPac XT is probably the best fit. If you wear a mens XL T-shirt, then choose an XL TransPac XT; and so on.

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