Song of Fire and Ice, Beluga Project in Iceland

Song of Fire and Ice, Beluga Project in Iceland

Yesterday, 14th March, we had the pleasure of hosting Jack Willians, a passionate marine biologist from the Sea Life Aquarium. His presentation on the Beluga marine conservation project in Iceland was truly enlightening and left us all feeling inspired to take action to preserve our oceans and their precious inhabitants.

The SEA LIFE Trust Beluga Whale Sanctuary embodies a groundbreaking approach to marine animal conservation. Situated in the pristine waters of Iceland, the sanctuary not only offers Little Grey and Little White, its first residents, a chance to live in a more natural and expansive habitat but also sets a precedent for the ethical care of marine life worldwide.

Beluga Project in Iceland

This initiative underscores the critical importance of creating environments that closely mimic an animal's natural habitat, thereby enriching their physical and psychological well-being. Through its comprehensive care program, which meticulously addresses the dietary, health, and daily care needs of the belugas, the Trust showcases its unwavering commitment to their welfare.

Beluga Project in Iceland

This pioneering model serves as a beacon, illuminating the path towards a more compassionate and sustainable approach to wildlife conservation. It urges the global community to reevaluate and innovate the ways we interact with and care for marine life.



They need your support, now more than ever!

The whales are currently in their landside care facility for the harshest winter months, and will return to their sea sanctuary home in early 2021. Our commitment to their quality of care is ongoing.

Your donation could help fund, for example:

£20 could help towards the cost of our dedicated animal care team who look after our amazing resident whales

£50 could feed Little White or Little Grey for a day, they need to eat lots of fish to keep them healthy!

£130 could fund a day visit from a specialist vet, providing essential health checks

Thank you so much for your support!