Shearwater Dive Computers Now Available

June 28, 2018

Shearwater Dive Computers

Shearwater is the latest brand to be added to Mike's Dive Store and we're really excited to be stocking their highly regarded range of technically orientated dive computers.

Shearwater Research was founded in Canada by two divers, Bruce and Lynn Partridge, who are technical divers themselves. Having recently retired after the sale of his business Bruce needed something to occupy his time and so set about creating a new simple to use trimix dive computer (as you do!) to compete against the existing complex and expensive models at the time.

Since that first computer things have escalated as their computers have gained popularity around the world thanks to their power, simplicity and reliability. The power and simplicity elements are not necessarily what you think though. Shearwater design and programmed each computer model to have a certain amounts intelligence, providing you with the information and menu options which you are most like to need at that particular time to save you having to scroll through menus and options looking for a particular setting. Their computers have been developed to run from readily available AA batteries, making swapped a drained battery unbelievably quick and easy.

Their computer range has grown over the years but never is a computer released that doesn't fulfil a specific purpose or fill a diving need. The current range includes the Petrel 2 in a stand alone and Fischer remote monitoring versions, the Perdix which is a newer and more refined version of the Petrel 2 with a few advancements in technology such as an air integrated Perdix AI model and the latest model, the Teric.

Shearwater Petrel 2 Dive Computer


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Shearwater Petrel 2 EXT Dive Computer


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Shearwater Perdix Dive Computer


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Shearwater Perdix AI Dive Computer


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Shearwater Teric Dive Computer


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The Teric is a brand new watch style AMOLED full technical open circuit and closed circuit computer but unlike the other models it has also been design with recreational divers in mind. Global demand for the Teric has been massive, very much taking Shearwater by surprise. They have been moving Heaven and Earth to speed up production and catch up with back orders and demand.

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