Recycling at Mike's Dive Store

May 29, 2019


For years we have been big advocates for recycling, re-use and upcycling of our supply chain waste, so when we see articles and news pieces about plastic bags being found at the deepest parts of our oceans it makes us even more determined to do our bit and to treat our one and only world with some much needed care and respect.

We try our best to reuse or recycle everything that comes into us, whether it is a cardboard box, plastics or pallets. Sometimes that means that your order is delivered in a re-used box or the items in the box are protected by recycled packing materials but if that means that we don't have to use precious resources to produce a new box, single use plastic packing foams or air pockets then we think that it is a worthy compromise. Even if you aren't as environmentally conscious as we are, the benefit for you is that our overheads are that little bit lower which means the prices for your new dive kit are that little bit lower too! Reduce waste and you save money..... win win!

We are actively working with our supply chain, both up and downstream, to find ways to reduce waste in the first place but also to identify more environmentally friendly methods of packaging your dive kit through the various stages of its journey from manufacture to your door.

Alongside our efforts to reduce the waste that has been ending up in our waterways, lakes and seas we continue to work with Sea-Changers to support various marine conservation projects around the UK including beach clean-up equipment, events and marine programmes that focus on the waste and plastic problem.

We hope you are as concerned for the marine environment that you enjoy as we are so please bear in mind that your order may not always be delivered in a pristine cardboard box. It isn't because we are trying to be cheap but rather we are trying to do our bit for the world. Once you have received your order we hope you'll continue our efforts to re-use, recycle or upcycle as much of the packaging as you can.

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