Product Review: Ocean Reef Aria QR+ Full Face Snorkelling Mask

Product Review: Ocean Reef Aria QR+ Full Face Snorkelling Mask

Product Review: Ocean Reef Aria QR+ Full Face Snorkelling Mask

One of the most vital pieces of equipment that we should really spend time researching before we invest in is snorkelling masks. After all, they are the things that let us see into and explore the underwater world. Therefore, we need to take time into selecting a mask that’s not only high-quality but fits comfortably on our face and enables us to see clearly without the risk of mask fog.

With all this said, this is why we feel confident to recommend a mask that ticks all the boxes in regards to comfort, feel and vision quality - and that’s the Ocean Reef Aria QR+ Full Face Snorkelling Mask.

Full face snorkelling masks are becoming quite popular in the market, especially for beginner snorkelers. There’s no wonder why, as this mask is perfectly designed for those who are just starting out with snorkelling or for those who like to partake in a more relaxing style of snorkelling. 

Ocean Reef Aria QR+ Full Face Snorkeling Mask Blue

What Makes The Ocean Reef Aria QR+ Full Face Snorkelling Mask Special?

The Aria full face snorkelling mask is perfect for beginners who want to slip on the mask and jump into the water without the fuss of setting up a mask and mouthpiece. With a full face snorkelling mask, you can breathe easy as you would above water by breathing through your nose or mouth with ease. The Ocean Reef Aria QR+ Full Face Snorkelling Mask sees the snorkel and the mask integrated into one. So if you don’t like getting your face wet, biting down on a mouthpiece or prefer breathing through your nose, this might just be the perfect design for you. 

Snorkelling Mask With Panoramic Views

Imagine seeing the underwater world with panoramic views? Well now you can with this amazing mask, thanks to its nifty design. First off, the front of the mask is flat so it doesn’t distort any vision. It also offers an amazing 180° panoramic view, allowing plenty of light to enhance your snorkelling adventure. 

The silicone that holds your face in place when using the mask is black instead of clear. You may think that this might affect your vision by the black reflecting on the screen in front, but it actually does the opposite! Instead, it massively reduces surface glare and reflection on the lens for a more enjoyable experience.

There's no need to hold your camera when you're snorkelling with this mask. Located up the top of that mask, there is a clip-on camera support accessory that allows action cameras with a compatible mount (such as GoPro) to be fitted directly to the mask. We also love that the mask comes in lots of cool colours such as pink, orange, white and black - so there's a colour for everyone!

A Mask That Reduces Mask Fog

Are you completely fed up with mask fog? Mask fog can absolutely ruin a snorkelling experience. Especially if you're a beginner, you don't want to have to keep taking your snorkelling gear off every time your mask decides to fog up. But not with this mask, as the Aria Full Face Snorkelling Mask has breathing circulation inside the mask's frame guarantees no fogging and no extra stress. Just take it out and jump in. No fuss, no stress, just 100% snorkelling fun!

Wear Glasses? No Problem. 

Also a great option for those who wear glasses, prescription lenses can be added to this product. You can choose the right option for you using our Mask Builder which makes it easy to choose the correct prescription lenses. 

Protective Packaging Made to Last

Finally, we come to the packaging. The mask comes in packaging that is a reusable carry bag with a mesh bottom for drainage to allow drying after use. It comes with a holder so it's easy to carry and it's highly transportable so you can take it on any snorkelling adventure without a fuss. 

We’re Here to Help

In conclusion, Ocean Reef Aria QR+ Full Face Snorkelling Mask is perfect for beginners snorkelers who love to partake in leisurely ocean activities. If you have any questions or want to find out if this is the right snorkelling mask for you, do not hesitate to get in touch with Or if you live locally or in the surrounding areas of London, pop in and come visit us in-store where you can see the Ocean Reef Aria QR+ Full Face Snorkelling Mask for yourself.