Lightweight Dive Equipment Travel Packages

July 01, 2016

Lightweight Dive Equipment Travel Packages

With the summer holidays upon it is time to start packing our bags for this years dive trip. Are you tired of airline excess baggage fees or having 90% of your luggage taken up by heavy dive gear? Well never fear, at Mikes we have put together some great Travel Dive Equipment Packages that all come in at 7kg or less.

Apeks Flight Dive Equipment Package

 This Ultralight package from Apeks / Aqualung comes in a combined total weight of 5kg. It features theApeks Flight Stage 4 andAqualung Zuma and is even light enough to fit in most airlines hand luggage allowance! The Flight Regulator is rated down to 10C so is versatile enough to travel with you almost anywhere


Atomic Titanium Dive Equipment Travel Package

The Atomic Titanium Travel Package is the ultimate travel package. Combining Lightweight with premium quality.The Atomic T3 Regulator is arguably the best regulator in the world. It is super light weight and machined from corrosion resistant material it is one of the only regulators in the world with a 3 year/300 dive service interval. When combined with the Atomic SS1 Titanium and Scubapro Litehawk you have a package that will weigh less than your ticket and passport.

 Scubapro Dive Equipment Travel Package 

The Scubapro Travel package combines a light overall weight with great value. If you are only doing a couple of tropical dives a year this could be the package for you! The Scubapro MK2 is a great warm water reg and paired with the Scubapro Air Source the Package is streamline and lightweight.











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