Fourth Element Rec Fin - Recycled Fin

New Fourth Element Ocean Positive REC Fins

Fourth Element is a well-known British brand producing high quality, extremely popular drysuits, wetsuits and undergarments for all levels of scuba diving. Fourth Element recently extended its already excellent portfolio, offering scuba hardware such as masks and snorkels. The new, customisable Scout mask became an instant bestseller, offering multiple lenses options for different dive environments and matching strap options. The new Fourth Element Rec Fin is the latest addition to this exceptional line of products bringing the Ocean Positive message to the diving industry.

The new Fourth Element Ocean Positive Rec Fins are inspired by a classic channel fin design but deliver more refined looks, outstanding performance and comfort. More than 60% of the Fourth Element's Rec Fins come from recycled plastic from ocean-bound waste, with polypropylene being most of it. The new Fourth Element Rec Fins come in two colour schemes - Aqua-White and Grey-Black.

Fourth Element Ocean Positive Rec Fins

Main features of the Fourth Element Rec Fin:

  • Classic channel blade fin with modern looks
  • Balanced power and control for all diving conditions
  • Made out of more than 60% recycled plastic
  • Comfortable foot pocket
  • Sturdy and adjustable strap
  • Single-use plastic FREE!
  • Classic design enables standard finning as well as frog kicks!

Fourth Element Rec Fin - just like frog's webbed feet

What is a channel blade fin? Channel fin's blade is made from two different materials - stiffer blade polymers are interconnected with softer rubber or silicone stripes acting like "frogs webbed feet" during finning. Thanks to their construction, channel blade fins transfer more water and improve trust. Development of the Channel Trust Technology in the 1980s allowed the creation of one of the most iconic fins where "more thrust with less effort" is the game's name. The new Fourth Element Rec Fin delivers this and more!


Fourth Element Rec Fins

Fourth Element Rec Fin - strap made to last

Well made, hardwearing and comfortably fitting wide silicone strap of the Rec Fin works exceptionally well with the rubber heel pad, while well-made buckles ensure fins stay in place and perform at their best all the way. The strap is highly adjustable and can be customised to six different lengths to match your foot size.

Fourth Element Rec Fins - Aqua-White


Fourth Element Rec Fin - generous foot pocket for most sizes

The Fourth Element Rec Fin's foot pocket consist of softer polymer providing comfortable capacity for different boot types and sizes. The foot pocket comes in 3 sizes and, paired with the six strap's adjustment levels, offers a fantastic range of customisation for the ultimate fitting. The sole of the fin has a unique rubber-coated anti-slippery sole for safety. The Fourth Element Rec Fin will work exceptionally well with matching neoprene boots such as Pelagic or Rock Hopper Shoe.

Fourth Element Rec Fins

The Ocean Positive Philosophy behind the Fourth Element Rec Fin

The Ocean Positive philosophy. The Fourth Element Rec Fin embodies Ocean Positive mindset and aspirations to become zero net plastic before 2030. It is said that over 8 million tons of plastic find their way to our oceans every year. Its negative effect on the marine ecosystems is devastating, with thousands of fish, turtles, seabirds  and other marine life lost directly by entrapment in fishing ghost nests. Plastic is not the only issue here - increased carbon emissions cause weather warming and, as a result, sea-level rise. The creation of the Ocean Positive line of products Fourth Element takes proactive action in reduction of their impact on the environment. 

This Cornwall based company has almost eliminated single-use plastic packaging. At the same time, almost 45% of their products are made out of 30% recycled materials. The recycled plastic comes from post-consumer plastic bottles and ghost fishing nets retrieved from the sea. The Fourth Element aims to achieve a net plastic by producing 90% of their products from at least 30% recycled or regenerated materials by 2030.

Two crucial aims of Ocean Positive Philosophy - Zero Waste and Zero Carbon. Zero waste means Fourth Elements products are designed carefully to last many years to come and then re-purposing, repairing or recycling 100% of their components. The plan to become Zero carbon includes proactively reducing carbon by employing alternative power sources and reducing carbon-intensive shipping methods such as air transport. 

Finally, just like Mike's Dive Store, Fourth Elements strives to achieve Zero Impact by taking part and supporting many ocean-based charities. You can genuinely feel good by purchasing and using Fourth Element Rec Fins. 

Fourth Element Rec Fins