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Diver Awards 2019 - Voting Now Open

DIVER Awards 2019

Voting for the 2019 Diver Awards has started, giving you the opportunity to vote for your favourites across eight categories. We fall into the Retailer of the Year and we would obviously LOVE to win it so if you have received excellent service from us over the last year or just think we deserve to win then please take a few minutes to show your support by voting for us.

Every single one of our team puts their hearts, souls, extensive knowledge and experience into giving you the best shopping experience from any Dive Retailer.

Each and every vote we receive is immensely appreciated. They are thank yous to the members of the team that are behind the scenes, working on the website content, packing your order and all the other staff here that help make it all possible.

We may be an online retailer but we still believe in being a real dive shop with real divers working in it, offering services and facilities that a dive shop should like having a compressor with nitrox capabilities.

We are also the only dive store to support marine conservation projects around the UK via donations to Sea-Changers. Over the years we have donated over £16,000 to this very important charity.

The voting closes midnight 30th September. There is only one rule really and that is that every category must have an answer, otherwise none of your votes will count. DIVER suggests that if you can't answer or the category isn't relevant to you then just enter N/A.

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Here are all the categories:

  • DIVER Brand of the Year - Which badge on your dive gear speaks volumes about quality and reliability?
  • DIVER Dive Destination of the Year - Name the best country for divers to visit, and not necessarily the obvious!
  • DIVER Dive Centre of the Year - Which centre, anywhere in the world, seems to get it right more often than not?
  • DIVER Liveaboard of the Year - It may be the facilities, the crew or the itinerary – name your ideal boat
  • DIVER Product of the Year - Which do you consider the most exciting item of kit to emerge in 2019?
  • DIVER Retailer of the Year - Vote for us!
  • DIVER Tour Operator of the Year - Which company is best at arranging diving package holidays?
  • DIVER Resort of the Year - A place where you pay to stay on a diving holiday (rather than a town or area) which might or might not incorporate its own dive-centre.

Customer Reviews

We take what we do very seriously and we are proud of the excellent service that we have been providing divers with for over 30 years but don't take our word for it, just look at the reviews we have received from our customers on Trustpilot and Google.

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