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Zeagle BC Knife with Sheath

The Zeagle BC Knife is a compact stainless steel knife supplied with a webbing sheath that is designed to be permanently mounted to a webbing strap via rivets that come with the knife. The knife itself has a long handle for easy gripping, a serrated edge on one side, a pointed tip and cutting edge on the other which leads integrated line cutter. The knife is fitted with a securing strap and popper style fitting to secure the knife back into the sheath.

To attach the sheath, locate the plastic rivet stems that protrude from the back of the sheath. Determine where you would like the sheath to be mounted. Mark the location and using a hole punch or small soldering iron place a hole just large enough to stick the rivet stem through. Push the rivet stems through the holes and snap the female caps (included) onto the stems.

  • Stainless Steel
  • 6" length with a 1 3/4" blade
  • Tip can be blunted by the user using a whet stone, grinder or similar device if desired
  • Webbing strap snaps knife securely in its sheath


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  • Collections: All, Dive Knives, Zeagle BCDs

    Type: Dive Knives

    Vendor: Zeagle