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Tusa Spare Mask Skirt for Splendive II and IV

Tusa Mask skirt for Splendive II and IV is a very popular and useful spare part to the discontinued Tusa Splendive Mask -range as changing the skirt while upgrading your mask with prescription lenses will give you a brand new prescription mask with the price of two lenses and a spare skirt!

The Splendive IV skirt comes in clear silicone color, while the the Splendive II is available in either clear or black silicone.

Please Note: Full mask pictured. Product is the mask skirt only.

The Plus, Minus and Bi Focal corrective lenses can are available here:

Tusa Mask Bi Focal Prescription Lenses

Tusa Mask Minus Prescription Lenses

Tusa Mask Plus Prescription Lenses


Splendive IV Clear 2-3 days
Spendive II Clear 2-3 days
Splendive II Black 2-3 days
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