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Tusa Platina Dive Mask

The Tusa Platina Dive Mask eliminates the inner frame that blocks the field of vision and attaches the lens directly to the frame to realize a super-slim frame. The Direct Sashing System (D.S.S.) results in a major increase in the upper/lower-left/right visibility range. It also achieves a major narrowing of the center joints connecting the left and right lenses to eliminate the vision field split.

Like all Tusa masks, it incorporates a wide range of features to enhance comfort and provide clarity of vision.

Advice on how to prevent your mask from fogging can be found here- How to Pre-Treat a Dive and Snorkel Mask 


Black 2-3 days
Cobalt Blue 1 In Stock
Fluorescent Yellow 2-3 days
Transparent 5 In Stock
Black / Red 2-3 days
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