TUSA Paragon Premium Snorkelling Set

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    This premium snorkelling set includes nothing but the best, the elite TUSA Paragon Mask, the top od the range TUSA Hyperdry Elite II Snorkel and the advanced Scubapro Seawing Nova full foot fins.

    The Paragon is the first mask to feature optical grade lenses, an anti-reflective coating AND a UV coating to help protect your eyes. On top of that, if you wear glasses or use contact lenses you won't miss out on these features by replacing the lenses with prescription ones as they also have the special coatings. The Paragon also features TUSA's latest skirt technology advances to make it even more comfortable.

    The Hyperdry Elite II snorkel is fitted with a dry top valve that closes as the snorkel tip is submerged below the surface, helping to keep the tube dry and clear for when you surface. Any water that does enter can be easily cleared via the large purge chamber and one-way valve at the bottom.

    The Seawing Nova full foot fins use a special hinge design and blade shape to deliver plenty of power, acceleration, manoeuvrability and effortless kicking characteristics.

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Tusa Paragon Mask

The Tusa Paragon Mask is their premium twin lenses dive mask that benefits from all of their latest technological and material ad vances that make this a must have for any serious or professional diver. It features their newest frame and skirt designs, CrystalView optical glass and UV 420 lens coatings.

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Tusa Hyperdry Elite II Snorkel

The Tusa Hyperdry Elite II Snorkel attempts to be Tusa's ultimate snorkel, combining all of the best features of their snorkels in one product. And they might have just succeeded in that!

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Scubapro Seawing Nova Full Foot fins

Divers who prefer to dive without booties can still enjoy the performance benefits of the award-winning Seawing Nova fin with the Seawing Nova Full Foot. This fin offers all the power, acceleration, maneuverability and effortless kicking characteristics of the open-heel Seawing Nova, but with the foot support and comfort of a full-foot design.

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Seawing Nova Full Foot Fin Size Chart

Use this size guide to find the best fitting size Scubapro Seawing Nova Full Foot Fins for you. Please contact us if you have any questions about these fins or require any further assistance with sizing.

EU US M US W UK Foot Width
Average Slim Wide
37 5 6 4 XS XS S
38 6 7 5 S XS S
39-40 6 7 5 S S M
41 8 9 7 M S M
42 9 10 8 M M L
43-44 10 11 9 L M L
45 11 12 10 L L XL
46 12 13 11 XL L XL
47 13 14 12 XL XL


This chart is intended to act as a guide, we recommend that all fins be tried on to ensure a perfect fit.

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