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Tusa Freedom Ceos Mask/ Platina II Hyperdry Snorkel and Solla Fins Set

We have combined a compact, affordable, complete snorkling set for you without compromising the quality of the products.

In the Tusa Snorkelling package you will receive:

1x Tusa Freedom Ceos Dive and snorkel mask

1x Platina II Hyperdry 

1x Pair of Tusa Solla Full Foot Fins you really cannot go wrong with this package. 

Prescription lenses can be added to the Tusa Freedom Ceos - just click through on the links below for full info and to buy.

Tusa Mask Bi Focal Prescription Lenses

Tusa Mask Minus Prescription Lenses

Tusa Mask Plus Prescription Lenses


Colour / Fin Size
Yellow/Clear / XS 2-3 days
Yellow/Clear / S 2-3 days
Yellow/Clear / M 2-3 days
Yellow/Clear / M/L 2-3 days
Yellow/Clear / L 1 In Stock
Yellow/Clear / XL 1 In Stock
Blue/Clear / XS 1 In Stock
Blue/Clear / S 1 In Stock
Blue/Clear / M 2-3 days
Blue/Clear / ML 1 In Stock
Blue/Clear / L 2-3 days
Blue/Clear / XL 1 In Stock
Black/Clear / XS 1 In Stock
Black/Clear / S 1 In Stock
Black/Clear / M 1 In Stock
Black/Clear / ML 1 In Stock
Black/Clear / L 1 In Stock
Black/Clear / XL 1 In Stock
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