Tusa DC Solar Dive Computer

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  • Description

    The Tusa DC Solar has a pretty unique feature in that it is solar powered, providing another approach to eliminating the need to periodically replace batteries but also does away with the need to plug it into a charger as the DC Solar charges using both sunlight and fluorescent light.

    Beyond its obvious uniqueness the DC Solar is full of more typical and other modern features including Bluetooth connectivity, a LCD segment display, three dive modes (dive, freedive and gauge) with the dive mode offering support for up to four different gas mixes, an LED backlight and optional deep stop.

    The computer itself is of the watch style format with a chunky housing and four buttons spaced around the housing. The DC Solar uses the tried and tested Buhlmann ZHL-16C Decompression algorithm which will help to keep you safe during your div and an deep stop can be optionally activated on dives deeper than 80ft / 24m. The DC Solar uses Bluetooth technology to allow dive data to be transferred to smart devices using the Tusa Diving Log App.

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  • Features
    • Solar Rechargeable
    • Dive log transferable to smartphone using Bluetooth® SMART technology (TUSA Diving LOG app required)
    • Four Gas Mixes (21-100%), Gauge, and Free-Dive Mode
    • AA Buhlmann ZHL-16C Decompression algorithm
    • Various time modes: Stopwatch, Timer, Alarm, World Time
    • Full-Auto LED backlight
    • Altitude smart mode
    • Audible alarms
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