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Sharkskin Chillproof Long Sleeve - Ladies

The long sleeve top is perfect worn as a stand alone garment and is suitable for layering with other Sharkskin garments or any neoprene wetsuit configuration for colder waters. The high yet comfortable neck has a soft neoprene seal to prevent water from waves and wind entering the garment. Long sleeves are ideal for cooler waters or for additional sun protection.

The Chillproof material is made from 3 layers to provide you with unparalleled warmth from the quick drying fleece in the first layer, wind and water protection from the middle layer and  SPF30 sun protection from the top layer

Ideal for use under a wet suit for added warmth due to its neutral buoyancy (no extra weight needed!) or by itself in more tropical waters.


3 layer


 Sharkskin Size Chart


      Size 8 1 In Stock
      Size 10 2-3 days
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      Size 14 1 In Stock
      Size 16 2-3 days
      Size 18 2-3 days
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