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Seac Trip BCD

This BCD from Seac is an ideal travel solution for those who still want a full jacket-style BCD. Everything about this BCD has been designed to cut down on weight without compromising its comfort. It even folds up for easy packing and travel!

The Trip BCD uses a Semi Frame to Back system where the shoulders are anchored directly to the backpack at the bottoms. It also utilities a quick dump weight system, which is essential. Any weights can be slid into the pockets and kept secure using the divider. 

  • Outer bladder material: PU coated Nylon 420
  • Inner bladder material: PU coated Nylon 420
  • Dump valves: 3 with pull commands
  • “D” Rings: 4x 50 mm + 2x 25 mm in light alloy
  • Dry weight (L): 3000 g (complete with hose and weight pockets).
  • Reduced height of the back pack carefully designed and optimised to enable optimum anchorage of the tank with a single strap.
  • Possibility of folding the sack back on itself
  • Lightweight Foldable Bladder.
  • Weight pockets with Safety Release system.

Collections: All

Type: BCDs

Vendor: Seac