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Seac Caccia HF Pneumatic Gun

The Caccia HF from Seac is a high performance speargun with an advanced design.

With a aluminium alloy tank designed with hydro-forming technology that improves horizontal traversing and buoyancy.

The Cassia has a comfortable, 2 material handle and a reduced barrel diameter, Seac uses advanced technology to provide the best product possible. 

  • Tank: aluminum alloy cylinder with a hydrodynamic form obtained thanks to Hydroforming technology. This allows an increase in the volumetric capacity to facilitate horizontal traversing while improving the engineering and the buoyancy of the rifle. The zone near the grip is cylindrical to allow reel assembly (optional).
  • Butt: the end has a reduced diameter in order to increase the visibility of the spear, thereby improving the line of vision.
  • Handle: with a computerized human engineered design. Constructed in two soft, overprinted materials to increase comfort and grip.
  • Barrel: with a reduced diameter of 11.2 mm, it allows reduction of the water discharge that the piston is obliged to expel, with a reduction in loading effort and notable increase in the spear speed. This rifle also takes spears with a reduced diameter.
  • Characteristics: the reduced dimensions of the piston that acts on the triggering mechanism allow excellent sensitivity and reduced shooting effort. Comes with: steel spear, injector, harpoon, harpoon loader, line, rifle carrying case.


75 2-3 days
90 2-3 days
115 2-3 days
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Collections: All

Type: Pneumatic Guns

Vendor: Seac