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Seac Bolt Speargun

A strong, simple sling gun from Seac, the Bolt offers ease of use and high performance in a durable package. With a new anatomic rest and sternum rest, the Bolt is more comfortable to use than ever before.

Available in a wide range for sizes from 50-105

  • Barrel: in extruded anti-corrosion aluminium to maximize resistance and prevent bending.
  • Double muzzle: allows mounting of parallel elastics or a circular elastic.
  • Handle: new anatomic grip and sternum rest.
  • Line release trigger and safety in high-strength, shockproof Nylon.
  • Triggering device: in stainless steel and filled polyamide to ensure the utmost functionality and reliability.
  • Sling: in latex, amber coloured, 16 mm diameter.
  • Shaft: PR80 in treated steel Diameter, 6.5mm Thread pitch M7. Line attachment system directly on the arrow like on professional models.
  • Standard kit: Nylon/Polyester line, 7M thread harpoon


50 2-3 days
60 2-3 days
75 2-3 days
85 2-3 days
105 2-3 days
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Collections: All

Type: Sling Guns

Vendor: Seac