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Seac Alligator C/R Pneumatic Gun


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The Alligator is a new camouflage version of Seac's classic Pneumatic Speargun. It has a 40mm aluminium alloy cylinder which resists bending. It's colouring is ideal for fishing and blends into it's environment. 

It has a 2-material, extremely comfortable handle and a reduced piston which allows for excellent sensitivity.

  • Tank: aluminum alloy cylinder with a 40 mm diameter. No bending problems thanks to the tank structure, to the innovative material it is made with, and the spear that is perfectly coaxial with the thrust of the piston. 
  • Butt: the end has a reduced diameter in order to increase the visibility of the spear, thereby improving the line of vision.
  • New Alligator Series coloring: ideal for fishing in surf.
  • Handle: with a computerized human engineered design. Constructed in two soft, overprinted materials to increase comfort and grip.
  • Barrel: with a reduced diameter of 11.2 mm, it allows reduction of the water discharge that the piston displaces, with a reduction in loading effort and notable increase in the spear speed. This rifle also takes spears with a reduced diameter.
  • Characteristics: the reduced dimensions of the piston that acts on the triggering mechanism allow excellent sensitivity and reduced shooting effort.
  • Comes with: steel spear, injector, harpoon,harpoon loader, line, rifle carrying case.



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