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SEA-DOO Sea Scooter RS1

The SEA-DOO Sea Scooter RS1 is the real top dog for making your underwater adventures truly thrilling and energy efficient! 

This super machine will having you speeding ahead reaching up to 4.35 mph! In comparison to it's sister the Sea Scooter RS3, the RS1 has an extra gear (3 in total) and a run time of 90 minutes! That's enough for a long dive or a couple of dives or even extended playtime for the kids, if they can grab it off you that is!

Weighing under 10kgs the RS1 is great to travel with and is also able to help you move through a current.

If you want to add power and speed to your diving, the SEA-DOO Sea Scooter RS1 is the perfect choice!

  • 3 gears
  • speed up to 4.35 mph
  • max depth: 40m
  • li-ion 22.2 V battery
  • 90 minute run time



  • 2-3 days More Info