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Scubapro Novalight 220 Dive Torch

The Scubapro Novalight 220 is a fantastic, high powered dive torch that is incredibly small. This compact, lightweight aluminium LED light features a new design and a more powerful LED.

Novalight 220 has a rated output of 220 lumen and delivers up to 4 hours of high intensity light with 3 AAA alkaline batteries.

Ideal as backup or travel light that fits in any BC pocket.

  • With a length of just 9cm it is an incredibly useful secondary light 
  • Can be stored even in the smallest BC pocket
  • Output of 220 lumen
  • Powered by a CR123 battery
  • 100% and 50% Strobe is activated by turning • OP-Valve
  • Run time 1–4 hours


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