Scubapro MK17 EVO S600 Regulator

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    The Scubapro MK17 EVO S600 Regulator pairs this high quality regulator manufacturer's ultimate second stage with a truly all-rounder first stage for a seriously robust, premium set.

    The MK17 has been engineered particularly to withstand harsh environments, which makes it ideal for cold water diving.

    Paired with the top performing S600 Second Stage this combination provides the diver with the best breathing in cold or murky waters.

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  • Features

    First Stage MK17 EVO

    • Air balanced diaphragm delivers constant and effortless airflow unaffected by depth,tank pressure, or breathing rate
    • Environmentally sealed system prevents water and pollutants from fouling the inner mechanism
    • Dry ambient pressure chamber increases freezing resistance, ensuring consistent airflow in the coldest conditions
    • Improved airflow on all LP ports
    • External intermediate pressure adjustment enables technicians to fine-tune performance quickly and easily
    • Available in either 232bar INT or 300bar DIN configurations
    • DIN version comes with a dual-compound wheel that features an ergo shape and soft grip on a rugged black nylon frame
    • Airflow at 200 bar: 6900 l/min
    • Intermediate pressure: 9.0-9.8 bar

    Second Stage S600

    • Air-balanced valve smooths out the inhalation effort when diving at varying depths and supply pressures
    • Metal valve housing (barrel) is able to withstand years of aggressive diving
    • User controls include a diver-adjustable inhalation effort knob and Venturi-Initiated Vacuum Assist (VIVA) dive/pre-dive switch
    • Super-flow hose features an oversized bore that allows more air to flow on each inhalation
    • Ultra-comfortable orthodontic mouthpiece is easy to grip yet doesn't inhibit airflow
    • Airflow at 200bar: 1850 l/min
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