Scubapro Mantis 2 (M2) Dive Computer

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  • Description

    Finally the Scubapro Mantis 2 (M2) Dive Computer is here! After seeing the prototype in Germany last autumn we have been itching to get some in to the shop into the dive shop in Chiswick! Not only is the M2 a lovely watch style dive computer that you would be proud to wear on your wrist every day it has the most features of any dive computer on the market right now. From an active swim mode that will measure your lengths in the swimming pool right through to a CCR mode that any rebreather diver would be proud as a back up CCR dive computer.

    Scubapro have also tried to differentiate themselves in the dive computer market by using their 'Human Factors Diving', and the M2 is the newest in the product line. So put simply the M2 Dive Computer not only calculates bottom time but it does so by taking your own medical conditions into consideration. So if you are a 25 year old triathlete you will get a different NDL time than if you were of a different build and inclination. Which seems like such an obvious idea given that it should be different without sounding prejudice!

    The Mantis 2  has incredibly intuitive topside and underwater functions, including air integration and electronic navigation, plus it incorporates cutting-edge biometrics to let you live life in dive mode.

    With the addition of the heart-rate monitor, Scubapro is pioneering an entirely new way to dive with a computer. The monitor takes into account how hard you are exerting yourself on a dive, and then the computer adjusts your bottom time based on the information it receives. 

    The Mantis 2 contains brilliant new features not included in it's predecessor, the Mantis. The M2 offers air integration, making it easy to see all of your dive information at a glance and eliminating the need for any gauges other than a small back up. Another feature included in the M2 is the digital compass. Navigation, air, depth and remaining time all in one place and available at a glance.

  • Features
    • Targeted to certified air (open water and above) divers, nitrox divers, technical divers, and closed circuit rebreather divers using a fixed PPO2
    • Predictive Multi Gas ZHL8 ADT MB algorithm accommodates three gas mixes (21-100% O2)
    • PDIS (Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops) calculates an intermediate stop based on your nitrogen load, current dive, previous dives and breathing mixes
    • Microbubble levels let you adjust the algorithm’s conservativeness, allowing you to either take up less nitrogen or off-gas more quickly
    • Smart technology wireless air integration handles multiple transmitters while delivering true Remaining Bottom Time (RBT) data
    • Heart rate monitor records heartbeat and estimated skin temperature (with SCUBAPRO HRM Belt only) that can be factored into the decompression calculation along with workload
    • Digital tilt-compensated onboard compass allows for easy navigation
    • Casing is built from the highest marine grade 316L stainless steel with a two-toned brushed finish that both protects and looks great
    • Four Dive modes-Deco, Gauge, Apnea and CCR
    • Swim mode
    • Sport mode
    • Full topside time-keeping functions• Chronograph with lap memory for running • Fixed PPO2 CCR algorithm
    • Segmented LCD display
    • Protective tempered mineral glass
    • Easy-to-read characters and graphics
    • Enhanced logbook for Apnea divers
    • Maximum operating depth: 120m/394ft
    • CR2450 user replaceable battery rated two years/300 dives
    • PC and Mac compatible using LogTRAK
    • Android LogTRAK app is available

    Click here for more information on the Scubapro Mantis M2 Dive Computer and for the Scubapro M2 User Manual

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