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Scubapro GO BCD

Scubapro GO BCD is like the top scuba equipment manufacturer sending a message out there: Go dive the world!

This jacket is exceptionally lightweight, easy to pack and super-comfortable and includes an integrated weight system -not to forget the quality and style Scubapro BCDs are famous for.

Made from light and durable 210 Denier Nylon covered with polyurethane this jacket is tough, yet lightweight (the large size weighs less than 2.7 kg / 6 lbs) making it perfect for travel.

This Scubapro BCD is most suitable for recreational warm water diving. Comfortable fit and easy adjustability make it popular amongst travelling divers.

Customise your BCD by adding in either the Scubapro Mako Dive Knife or the Scubapro Whitetip Dive Knife

  •    Great Jacket Style Travel BC
  •    Lightweight and Durable
  •    SCUBAPRO Quality, Style and Spirit of Adventure
  •    Large Size Weighs Less than 6 lbs (2.7 kg)
  •    High Buoyancy and Maximum Comfort for Travel Divers
  •    22.5 lbs (10.2 kg) of Lift X-Small size and 42.7 lbs (19.4 kg) X-Large
  •    Light and Resistant 210 Denier Nylon
  •    Foldable Airnet Backpack is Lightweight and Soft, without Rigid Elements
  •    Complete with Own Travel Sack
  •    Integrated Weight System
  •    High Profiles, Easy Access Zippered Pockets Reinforced with Strong Mesh
  •    Double Tank Straps
  •    Lightweight Rotating Shoulder Strap Buckles, Add Comfort and Fit
  •    Large Size Aluminum D-Rings
  •    Side Grommets for SCUBAPRO Knife Attachment
  •    Multiple Pull Dumps on Shoulders and Lower Rear
  •    Depth-Compensating Cummerbund with Quick Release Waist Strap
  •    Adjustable Sternum Strap
  •    Scubapro's Balanced Power Inflator
  •    Owner's Manual and Low Pressure Hose
  •    2 Year Limited Warranty
Size Height Weight Waist
XS 152-165 45-57 71-86
S 157-170 54-70 76-97
M 170-180 68-77 81-102
L 175-185 77-95 86-107
XL 185-191 88-109 91-117



    Size / With BCD Knife
    X-Small / No Thanks 3-4 days
    X-Small / Mako Knife 3-4 days
    X-Small / Whitetip Knife 3-4 days
    Small / No Thanks 3-4 days
    Small / Mako Knife 3-4 days
    Small / Whitetip Knife 3-4 days
    Medium / No Thanks 1 In Stock
    Medium / Mako Knife 3 In Stock
    Medium / Whitetip Knife 3 In Stock
    Large / No Thanks 4 In Stock
    Large / Mako Knife 5 In Stock
    Large / Whitetip Knife 5 In Stock
    X-Large / No Thanks 3-4 days
    X-Large / Mako Knife 3-4 days
    X-Large / Whitetip Knife 3-4 days
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