Scubapro EasyDon Drysuit Gloves

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Scubapro Gloves Size Guide

Use this guide to identify the best fitting size for your new Scubapro Dive Gloves. Please remember that this is a guide only and we recommend you that check for a good fit before using for the first time. Please contact us if you require any further assistance or have any questions.

 Measure Point Tolerence 2XS XS S M L XL 2XL
Glove Length (in/cm) +-0.3, 0.80 10-11 / 26-28 10-11 / 27-29 11-12 / 28-30 11-12 / 29-31 12-13 / 30-32 12-13 / 31-33

13-14 / 32-34

Palm Girth (in/cm) +-0.3, 0.80 7-8 / 18-20 7-8 / 19-21 8-9 / 20-22 8-9 / 21-23 9-10 / 22-24 9-10 / 23-25 10-11 / 24-26
Glove Opening (in/cm) +-0.3, 0.80 5-6 / 14-16 6-7 / 15-17 6-7 / 16-18 7-8 / 17-19 7-8 / 18-20 7-8 / 19-21 8-9 / 20-22

  • Description

    The Scubapro Easydon Dry Gloves revisit an older concept of an isolated dry gloves system but with a new and improved seal system that makes the gloves so much easier to get on than ever before.

    The kit comes with a pair of dry gloves and a pair of knitted thermal gloves. The dry gloves are a heavy duty vulcanised latex glove that provide plenty of grip. The gloves are attached to a ring and latex seal system that allows the hand to be pushed into the glove without the need to fight and fiddle with the seal. The gloves can be worn over a latex drysuit seal or beneath a neoprene drysuit cuff.

    The knitted thermal gloves are provided to offer some additional thermal insulation by creating and maintaining an air gap between your skin and the dry glove surface and also helping to keep the cooling effect of moisture away from the skin.

  • Features
    • Built with a high quality vulcanised latex.
    • Highly flexible for comfort while resisting punctures and abrasion.
    • Rough-texture surface makes for a reliable grip under water.


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