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SCAP Neoprene Skull Cap

The SCAP neoprene cap is a cross between a Skull Cap and a Do Rag and provides a convenient means of helping to insulate your head when a full hood isn't need or desired, helps to control long hair and comes in a wide range colours and patterns.

The SCAP is made from lined 1.5mm thick neoprene and features rear ties that allow the SCAP to tightened to your preference ans high friction grip zones help prevent the SCAP from moving as well as help to control long hair.

  • Keeps Hair In-Place
  • Helps to Insulates Head
  • Designed by a Scuba Diver for Divers
  • 1.5 mm Neoprene Rubber
  • Closure: Tie-Back Method of "Do Rag"
  • Look of a "Skull Cap"
  • Interior Band with Specially Designed Grip Zone
  • "Grip Zone", Keeps Hair in Place
  • Custom Cut and Stitched for Durability
  • Comfort


Abyss 2-3 days
Aluminium 1 In Stock
Blood in the Water (Deep Red) 2-3 days
Blue Hole 2-3 days
Cave Black 3 In Stock
Get Lei-ed (Red Floral) 3 In Stock
Hi-Vis Orange 2-3 days
Himla Hooka Red (Bright Red) 2-3 days
Ice 2-3 days
Cave Black Sport 2-3 days
Land Camo 1 In Stock
Not a Boys Club (Pink) 6 In Stock
Pirate 2 In Stock
Sea Camo 5 In Stock
Twilight 1 In Stock
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