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Oceanic Veo 1.0 Dive Computer

The Oceanic Veo 1.0 Dive Computer has been designed for the diver that wants to concentrate on the dive, not pressing buttons, worrying about settings or bleeping alarms!

The Veo 1.0 is a solid basic computer designed for air or single gas nitrox mixes up to 50 percent. It displays only essential information during the dive in easy-to-read digits

The Veo 1.0 uses effective bar graphs to present nitrogen loading and ascent rate and it offers useful features like an automatic safety stop countdown timer that ticks off three minutes when you ascend to 15 feet.

A single push button is all that's required to navigate the settings and the sequences are intuitive with help from the excellent owner's manual and waterproof prompt card.

At this price point you are giving up bells and whistles -most notably audible alarms, a backlight and the ability to download dive profiles, but the Veo 1.0 features a stripped down, simplified selection of excellent features if you want a simple, low-cost computer.

The Veo 1.0 is powered by the exclusive Oceanic Dual Algorithm - Your choice between Pelagic DSAT (Spencer/Powell data basis) or Pelagic Z+ (Buhlmann ZHL-16C data basis).

Features and Specifications


Product Option
Veo 1.0 Module Only 2-3 days
Veo 1.0 Wrist Mount 2-3 days
Veo 1.0 Combo 2-3 days
Veo 1.0 Navcon 2-3 days
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