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Oceanic Oceanvu Dive Mask

The Oceanic OceanVu Mask is a revolutionary mask with a new SureFit skirt that seals against your face better than traditional designs and UltraClear Tempered Glass lenses for the best clarity, light transmission and colour even in low light conditions.
Ultra-Thin Feathered Skirt
All around the edge of the skirt and especially under the nose if feather thin so it creates a seal all around your face even over your top lip. The silicone used to make the skirt is a softer liquid silicone so there's less pressure on your face and it moulds to your face better for a seal.
The nose pocket has textured ribs for easier equalising even with gloves and the skirt creates a loop to the buckles for added flexibility without any bulk so your mask strap is more comfortable too.

  • Rubberised Frame Inserts
  • UltraClear Lenese
  • Ultra-thin Feathered Skirt
  • SureFit System
  • Quick Adjust Buckles


Clear/Blue 10 In Stock
Clear/Titanium 10 In Stock
Clear/Pink 2-3 days
Clear/Sea Blue 2-3 days
Black/Blue 2-3 days
Black/Titanium 10 In Stock
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