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    One of the most popular diving itineraries; the Northern Wrecks and Reefs Liveaboard is an excellent way to explore this region of famous shipwrecks and exciting reefs. Carefully created to closely match the itineraries of the leading tour operators and boats, this lightweight, logbook-integrated diving guide is packed with information and allows divers to discover the best sites and make the most of their holiday diving.

    This detailed diving guide is packed with all the key information needed to make the most of diving each site, in a great integrated logbook format. Contains: unique full colour 3D map of each site, diving notes, site background, overview, marine life, location, routes and points of interest.

  • Features:
    • Includes 16 dive sites to closely match the itineraries of the leading tour operators and boats.
    • Detailed site-by-site information
    • Unique 3D map included of each and every site
    • Saves money – cheaper than other diving guides and no need for separate logbook refills. Great value.
    • Only 100g, saves precious airline weight.
    • Written by local experts based on years of research
    • Integrates with your logbook to record each dive
    • Fits into your standard logbook binder
    • Stunning wildlife photography and information
    Dive Sites Included in this pack:
    • Sha'ab El Erg
    • Sha'ab Umm Usk
    • Shark Reef and Jolanda
    • Siyul Kibeer
    • Small Passage
    • Umm Gamar South
    • Carnatic (wreck)
    • Dunraven (wreck)
    • El Mina (wreck)
    • Giannis D (wreck)
    • Gubal Barge (wreck)
    • Kingston (wreck)
    • Rosalie Moller (wreck)
    • SS Thistlegorm (wreck)
    • Ulysses (wreck)
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