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Metalsub XRE 800R Handheld Dive Torch

Metalsub Dive Torch offer for June - £20 off either the XRE 800 rechargeable dive torch or the Metalsub XRE 510 Dive Torch

The Metalsub handheld diving torches are just as strong and durable as the cablelight versions, but without the bulkiness, so ideal for tropical holiday dives and some UK diving. The Handheld 800R is 800 lumens bright and with a burntime of 90 minutes - so ideal for a couple of dives.

The beam itself is quite narrow so not much good for video or photography but great for waters where there are a lot of particles - like the good old UK!

Features & Specifications

Luminous flux: LED 8W 800 Lumen / 5500 K
Reflector beam: 10° (spot)
Burn time: 90 minutes, than 6 hours reducing intensity
Variable light power: (25% - 50% - 100%), strobe signal and S.O.S.

Weight above water: approx. 400 gram
Weight under water: approx. 220 gram
Size: Ø 45 x 200 mm length
Maximum operating depth: 100 metres

• Internal charging
Charging Time: 5 Hours
• Including MP400 charger


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