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Mares X-Vu LiquidSkin Dive Mask

Mares continues to honor their legacy as one of the top manufacturers of high-quality diving and snorkel masks with the X-Vu LiquidSkin.

The X-Vu LiquidSkin might just have one of the most comfortable fits around with a great field of vision. It is the third 2-window mask using LiquidSkin technology and armed with The B-silicone Strap and Tri-comfort Technology it seems almost invincible!

Beyond the natural comfort provided by the LiquidSkin skirt- an additional soft silicone part is injected in the nose area acting like an anti-shock bumper, so those prone to get a sore nose bridge from twin window masks can also wear this design!

Still not convinced? Watch this Video and see how this fantastic product performs!

Advice on how to prevent fogging can be found here.   




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