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Mares Wave Fins

Mares Wave Fins -Enjoy pure ease!

    Another new entry in open heel fins the Wave uses Tri-material construction to apply specific properties where needed.

    The upper part of the foot pocket is specially molded in soft rubber to guarantee the maximum comfort.

    With groundbreaking Channel Thrust and next generation OPB -Technologies it is truly a unique product.

    The remainder has the rigidity and strength needed for superior propulsion. Unmistakably Mares.


    Colour / Size
    Black / XS 3-4 days
    Black / S 3-4 days
    Black / R 3-4 days
    Black / XL 3-4 days
    Blue / XS 3-4 days
    Blue / S 3-4 days
    Blue / R 3-4 days
    Blue / XL 1 In Stock
    White / XS 3-4 days
    White / S 3-4 days
    White / R 3-4 days
    White / XL 3-4 days
    Yellow / XS 3-4 days
    Yellow / S 3-4 days
    Yellow / R 3-4 days
    Yellow / XL 3-4 days
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