Mares Ultra 72X Regulator

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  • Description

    The Mares Ultra 72X Regulator is a bit unique in that the first stage has 8 (yes - eight) low pressure ports, four in a radial orientation like a normal first stage and then another four underneath the first stage. This design makes it the ideal solution for anyone switching between recreational and technical configurations that often have very different hose routing requirements. Or perhaps you just prefer a more unusual hose configuration that favours both side and lower ports. The paired Ultra second stage is a high performing, lightweight balanced model with twin power technology.

    The 72X first stage is compact and designed for high performance in cold water, lending itself to technical diving. The radial and vertical port configuration allows for pretty much an hose setup that you can think of and the AST (Auto Sealing Technology) dry valve helps to keep everything dry and contaminant free when the regulator if off your cylinder.

    The Ultra is another new second stage design that features Mares Twin Power flow rate technology. The twin Power feature allows the diver to switch between the normal flow rate and a "+" mode that increases the flow rate by simply rotating the hose protector on the second stage inlet.

    The Ultra incorporates the Mares bypass tube which delivers air directly to the mouthpiece but also assists in valve responsiveness by creating a vortex behind the diaphragm, drawing it in to rapidly open the valve for optimal air delivery.

    A large pivoting purge button provides precise control over how much the valve opens to help clear your regulator.

  • Features

    First Stage

    • Four vertical and four radial LP ports
    • Ideal for all tech and recreational diving configurations
    • Natural DFC on all LP ports
    • Pre-orientated HP ports
    • Pearl chrome finish
    • Compact dimensions

    Second Stage

    • Twin power system
    • High air flow
    • Ultralight technopolymer
    • Wide pivoting purge button
    • Superflex hose
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