Mares Loop 15X Regulator

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    The Mares Loop 15X Regulator offers a different hose routing option with the second stage inlet mounted in the bottom of the housing. This style of configuration benefits both recreational and technical kit set-ups with snag free hose routing under the arm and a inlet handing free design means that the regulator can be routed from left or right as well as donated without awkward diver positioning or hose routing.

    The regulator utilises the compact 15X balanced diaphragm first stage combined with the Loop second stage. The 15X is a small fully balanced first stage that features Mares's Advanced Coating Technology (ACT) valve and Dynamic Flow Control (DFC) technologies for excellent performance and quick valve response for a smooth breathe. Four low pressure and two high pressure ports provide plenty of hose routing options, especially with the new second stage design.

    The Loop second stage can swivel through 360 degrees on the hose, allowing it to be routed from the left or right without the need for it to be modified by a technician. It also means that the second stage can be handed to your buddy with perfect orientation, ready to breathe.

    The Loop still features Mares's Vortex Assisted Design (VAD) and bypass tube design that delivers gas directly to the mouthpiece and assists valveresponse and gas flow rates during the breathing cycle.

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  • Features
    • Compact balanced diaphragm first stage
    • Advanced Coating Technology (ACT) for increase valve durability
    • Dynamic Flow Control (DFC) for smooth breathing cycle
    • Four low pressure ports
    • Two high pressure ports
    • Braided lightweight low pressure hose
    • Ambidextrous second stage design
    • Vortex Assisted Design (VAD) with bypass tube for excellent performance
    First Stage Weight: 772g 598g
    Second stage weight (g): 199g 199g
    Total Weight (including hose): 1146g 972g
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