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Mares Fusion 52x Regulator Package

There's no doubt the Mares Fusion 52x Regulator is fantastic, and we thought we would take some of the guesswork out of what other bits you should buy for it. 

This package includes the Mares Fusion 52x Regulator in your choice of DIN or INT valve, the Fusion Octopus, your choice of the Mares mission consoles, a braided Miflex Inflator hose for your BCD and a free Mares Cruise Reg Bag to keep it all safe!

You can select between the Mission 1, Mission 2, or Mission 3 consoles depending on how full-featured you would like your set. 


Valve Type / Console
DIN / Mission 1 3-4 days
DIN / Mission 2 3-4 days
DIN / Mission 3 3-4 days
INT / Mission 1 3-4 days
INT / Mission 2 3-4 days
INT / Mission 3 3-4 days
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