Mares Epic ADJ 82X Regulator

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  • Description

    The Mares Epic ADJ 82X is their range topping regulator combining an all new first and second stage design that uses a balanced diaphragm first stage and a pneumatically balanced second stage with inhalation adjustment. Mares is quite reserved about boasting performance figures but this is definitely their highest performing regulator to date, delivering more bang per buck than other considerably more expensive regulators.

    The 82X features two technologies that are new to Mares regulators, a swivelling low pressure turret and a first stage inlet sealing system (AST - Auto Sealing Technology). Mares has always favoured fixed position low pressure ports but the 82X bucks that trend by including a swivelling turret that has four ports around the circumference and one of the end. Two high pressure ports are fitted to the main body.

    The 82X also has a pressure activated sealing technology that helps to prevent water and other contaminants from getting into the first stage when it is off your cylinder. A spring load is held in place to close the valve when the system is depressurised but forced open by the flow of air from the cylinder when in use. A simple but effective design that is useful when cleaning.

    The Epic second stage features the Mares Bypass Tube which provides two benefits, the first being less turbulent flow delivered directly to the mouthpiece and the second is that it treats a vortex behind the diaphragm, helping to suck it into the housing to provide a more responsive valve action.

    The Epic also has two pre-defined flow rates, normal and "+" modes which determines the gas flow rate through the valve. In most circumstances you'll be in the normal mode but if you are working hard in a current you now have the option of the second stage delivering a higher flow rate. In fact, the 'normal' mode will often out perform equivalent second stages from other manufacturers, let along when you switch it to '+'!

    There is also a inhalation control knob which alters the effort required to open the valve. Increasing the resistance will mean you'll have to inhale harder to start opening the valve.

  • Features

    First Stage

    • PVD Coating
    • Swivel turret
    • Natural DFC on all LP ports
    • Tilted HP ports
    • AST - 1st stage dry system
    • Compact dimensions

    Second Stage

    • Metal second stage with PVD coating
    • Twin power system
    • Adjustable breathing comfort
    • PAD - Pneumatically Assisted Design
    • High air flow
    • Wide pivoting purge button
    • Cold water use
    • Superflex hose
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