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Mares Cruise Backpack Dry

The Mares Cruise Backpack Dry weighs only 1.1kg- (2.4lbs) while boasting an internal volume of over 100 litres or 3.5 ft3.

The Cruise Backpack Dry provides storage for your entire set of diving equipment leaving plenty of room for your personal luggage! You must go to your local dive shop to see it for yourself!

The Cruise Backpack Dry is the top product among Mares lightweight / large volume bags. It meets the requirements of todays diving vacationers by helping to avoid excess baggage charges while also offering excellent benefits.

The Cruise Backpack Dry is waterproof- and constructed of extremely durable material. Welded seams and zippers ensure water can't escape or enter. Water simply doesn't stand a chance.

The Cruise Backpack Dry is a multi functional bag which can be utilized for extreme expeditions such as packing into a rainforest or used classically as a great dive bag on a boat. Cruise Backpack Dry is the best and the most stylish antidote to excess baggage fees!

Dimensions: 42x 33x 79cm

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