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Light and Motion Sola Tech 600 Torch

Light and Motion Sola Tech 600 Torch is for the diver that goes to extremes! Build a little more rugged than the standard light and Motion Dive torches and with longer battery life and more focused beam, the Tech 600 is for the adventurous diver!

The Light and Motion Sola Torch -range is in a league of its own and it is not a surprise they are also taking the demanding tech diving community by storm - they are reliable, well built, compact, lightweight and bright - what more could a diver want from a dive torch!

Light and Motion Sola Tech 600 -Comparison Chart

Light and Motion Sola –Product Features


Lumens (Spot 8°):

High - 600

Med - 300

Low - 150

Run Time (Min):

High - 180

Med - 360

Low - 720

Charge Time: 150 Minutes (2A)

Size: 63 x 117mm

Weight: 333 gr. w/out Mount




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