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Lavacore Mens Long Sleeve Dive Shirt

The Lavacore Mens Hooded Shirt is specifically designed to give an extra layer of warmth to the upper body, when extra protection of the core area and arms is required underneath a traditional wetsuit. This is also a great option for a traditional lycra rash vest -when you don't quite wanna struggle into that wetsuit but rashie makes you shiver a bit by the end of the dive.

The outer layer is flexible, durable and water repellent. It provides sun protection of UPF 50+ and dries incredibly quickly.

The mid layer of the fabric is equipped with wind proof qualities -yet Lavacore has managed to keep it breathable too, drawing moisture away from the body.

The plush, antibacterial, moisture wicking inner layer of the fabric guarantees comfort and warmth. And all Lavacore garments are neutrally buoyant too -so no need for extra weights!


XS 2-3 days
XL 2-3 days
L 2-3 days
3XL 2-3 days
M 2-3 days
S 2-3 days
2XL 2-3 days
ML 2-3 days
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