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Intova Wide Angle Lens

Intova Wide Angle Lens allows you to expand your photo opportunities. This lens can be removed and installed easily underwater and  it provides a view angle of 75 degrees in water and 87 degrees above.

A much wider rear lens and inclusion of 46mm and 52mm thread mount adapters makes this a universal lens that will fit Intova waterproof housings and other camera makes that have either 46mm, 52mm or 67mm thread mounts. Also comes with protective bag and rear cover.


  • Thread mount: 67mm (46mm and 52mm with included thread mount adapters)
  • Construction: 2 groups/2 elements
  • Material: Optical glass lens, Aluminium alloy barrel
  • Magnification: 0.65%
  • View angle: 75 deg underwater / 87 deg above water
  • Weight: 350g
  • Dimensions: (8.7 x 4)cm with adapter,
    (8.7 x 3.6)cm w/o adapter
  • Depth rating: 50M


  • 2-3 days More Info