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Fourth Element Argonaut 2.0 Flex Womens Drysuit

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No more shortened men's suits! The Argonaut Flex 2.0 is truly one of the best suits on the market today, and it's all new pattern provides a much better fit designed for women, not just a copy of the men's version.

The Argonaut Flex 2.0 is truly one of the best suits on the market today. 

With it's incredibly durable trilaminate construction and butyl layer, it is incredibly comfortable and offers a superior amount of mobility.

The all-new Argonaut 2.0 pattern was designed by Fourth Element to provide better fitting suits across the board. They have reduced bulk in areas where less fabric was needed and added fabric where more mobility was needed. Overall the suit now looks, fits and performs better. They have paired this with their all-new BioMap system which allows them to determine the perfect drysuit fit from only 2 photographs. 

The high-quality construction of this suit can't be matched, nor can the amount of customization available to make the suit truly your own. 

The Fourth Element Argonaut 2.0 is fully customizable with your choice of boots and neck / wrist seals.

If you wish to order one of these suits we request that you call or email us, then schedule a fitting if possible, or a BioMap photo. This suit is truly an investment in your diving and we want to ensure you will be happy with it for years to come. 

A fully customized made-to-measure Argonaut is available from Fourth Element at an additional cost, otherwise you will get the best fit from standard suits. Legs, arms and boot size will be altered at no extra cost if necessary when the suit is ordered.

For more information on construction and suit options click here


8 Short 2-3 days
8 2-3 days
8 Tall 2-3 days
10 Short 2-3 days
10 2-3 days
10 Tall 2-3 days
12 Short 2-3 days
12 2-3 days
12 Tall 2-3 days
14 Short 2-3 days
14 2-3 days
14 Tall 2-3 days
16 Short 2-3 days
16 2-3 days
16 Tall 2-3 days
18 Short 2-3 days
18 2-3 days
18 Tall 2-3 days
20 Short 2-3 days
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