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Finnsub Fly 21H Wing

Finnsub Fly 21H Wing is a 21 litre wing, which possesses a lift power of 22 kg's.

Designed to be used for twin tank diving with maximum two 18l tanks, It comes in a horseshoe shaped design with either 40 or 50 cm inflator.

Harness options to pair with Fly Wings:

Durable Materials

The outer material of the wing is nearly indestructible Cordura 2000. The inner layers are also sufficiently robust materials –either Cordura 500 or alternatively 500 micron PU foil. The Wing is sealed with a high quality YKK zipper. The BC’S materials are extremely resistant to temperature and diving condition changes.

Hose Measurements and Exhaust Valves

The 40 or 50cm inflator comes with a rapid exhaust valve and the BC comes altogether with two exhaust valves. The LP hose is 65cm (26,5 inch) long.

The inflator is placed in the centre of the wing to set it for double-tank diving.


40cm Inflator 2 days
50cm Inflator 2 days
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