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Finnsub Finn Light 2000 Long Dive Torch

Here at Mike's we've welcomed the new range of fantastic dive torches from Finnsub!

The Finn Light 2000 Long is a high grade umbilical dive torch that packs some serious power for technical and cave divers demanding optimized light beam.

One of it's great features is its bright spot beam, illuminating the object, while giving a halo of light for surroundings. The wide bounded halo lets you know where you are and illuminates the space in front of you without blinding your dive buddy - handy! It shines strong through murky water and is convenient for effective signalization.

The Finn Light 2000's other awesome feature is that it can run a really long time without the warming up of the head and overheating protection isn't needed even when using on the surface. It also has 3 power levels allowing divers to customize the light output and extends burn time up to 48 hours!


  • single LED 2000 lumen
  • 5° focus beam
  • clear spot for effective signaling
  • 3 modes of operation - 2000lm / 1000 lm / 200 lm
  • overheating protection
  • Li-Ion accumulator
  • running time - 5 h in 2000 lm mode, 10 h in 1000 lm, 48 h in 200 lm
  • discharging and overcharging protection
  • resistant aluminium alloy body
  • borosilicate glass
  • anatomic Goodman handle
  • operational depth up to 200 m (655 ft)
  • weight on surface 1450 g including handle
  • weight under water 610 g
  • European made!



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