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Exposure Marine SUB M3 Mk.2 Dive Torch

Remember the thrill of learning to drive a bicycle with no hands for the first time? That is what diving with the new Exposure Marine SUB M3 Mk.2 Torch could be compared to. Except for that you don't need to experience the painfully embarrassing face plant into the pavement after getting slightly overconfident.

But the Exposure Marine SUB M3 Mk.2 Dive Torch offers plenty of features to get excited about; completely sealed with no buttons or switches -it functions operating with pressure, tapping or movement.

Automatic switch conversion recognises if you are above or below the water, switching between motion switching and capacative switching for effortless mode adjustment.

The Tap Control sensitivity can be customised to your touch, and means the whole light is turned into a switch, eliminating the need to locate the switch in the dark or with thick gloves.

Introduction Video


Operation Video



Black 2-3 days
Red 2-3 days
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