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Exposure Marine Smart Charger with USB Cable

Exposure Marine Smart Charger with USB Cable is a versatile configuration as it allows you to either charge your dive torch using the mains socket or your PC / laptop.

They both have their own benefits; charging from the mains socket is faster and the light in the plate will tell you the status of the battery. On the other hand the USB cable is extremely lightweight to travel with and you don't need to worry about what kind of adaptor head you'll need.

Available in four different options; UK, Europe, Australia/Asia and USA. Please choose the correct option for you from the drop down menu.


Charger Type
UK 3 -Pin 2-3 days
EU 2 -Pin 2-3 days
Australia/Asia 2-Pin 2-3 days
USA 2 -Pin 2-3 days
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