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Drysuit Miscellaneous Repairs and Fittings

There are all sorts of alterations, repairs and modifications divers ask us to make to their drysuits. And considering how valuable the equipment is and how pivotal it is that it functions perfectly -it is best to let professionals deal with them.

Here's a rough idea of what services we offer, however if you have something specific in mind not mentioned here, please give us a call in the shop and we'll be more than happy to help you with your inquiry.

We also shorten dry- and wetsuits' arms and legs and repair wetsuits and harness webbings. Prices are available on request.


Attached Hood (fitted to suit) 2-3 days
Latex Hood 2-3 days
Elasticated Back 2-3 days
Reflective Patches -each 2-3 days
Braces 2-3 days
Warm Neck Collar 2-3 days
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