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Dive Rite TransPlate Harness

The TransPlate harness -a Dive Rite innovation- is designed specifically for hard backplates such as the Dive Rite Stainless Steel or Stainless Steel XT Lite Backplate. It is a hybrid designed to provide the support of a backpack-style harness for better weight-load distribution, yet wish to dive a hard metal backplate.

Designed like a mountaineer's backpack, the TransPlate harness disperses weight across the hips and back, minimizing shoulder strain. When used with a 6-pound steel backplate, divers can remove or minimize weight pockets. Adjustable straps adapt to a wide variety of exposure suits and aid in easy donning and doffing.

As the name suggests  -The TransPlate transforms quickly and as easily to accommodate everything from single cylinders to doubles with stage and deco bottles.

The Dive Rite TransPlate Harness is designed for use with any XT or EXP wing in the Dive Rite line.

Please note that the Backplate is not included.

Dive Rite TransPlate Harness -Specifications


Medium 2-3 days
Large 2-3 days
X Large 2-3 days
XX Large 2-3 days
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